Welcome to our adventure!  Tomorrow we are moving from Texas to the UK.  How? Why? Read on.

Last year while enjoying an afternoon drink in Rome, I mentioned to C how much fun it would be to live abroad for a year or two.  He quickly agreed, much to my shock.  We didn’t talk much of it at the time, but when we got back home, we started researching the possibilities.  Turns out, the US Armed Forces hires contract workers at various international bases.  After much searching and submitting a few resumes which went nowhere, my ever wonderful husband found several postings for jobs in England and Germany.  I applied and about 2 months ago woke up to an e-mail asking if I was interested in a job in England.  Of course I said yes!  Later that day I signed an offer letter and the process began.

It’s been a whirlwind experience thus far, filled with innumerable ups and downs, but I won’t get in to all that.  Here are the details: I’ll be working as a civilian physician assistant (PA) on an Air Force base in England.  C and the pup are tagging along, hoping to lead a life of ease consisting of walks to the pub, coffee shop and park.  I’m only guaranteed a job until the end of this September, so it may be a short adventure.  However, we’re working on several contingency plans.  In the mean time we plan to travel as much as possible, experiencing all that England, Ireland, Scotland and the rest of Europe have to offer.

So, after much paperwork, faxing, e-mailing, calling the UK, sleepless nights and too many dollars and pound spent, we’re on our way across the pond!  I will try to post as much as possible about adjusting to life in the UK, my job, our travels and anything else that strikes my fancy.  Won’t you come along on our journey?