Bumps in the road

To say this has been a smooth ride would be a complete lie.  Since the word go we’ve experience humps, bumps and outright barriers.  However, they haven’t slowed us down, rather we’ve been more determined to make it work.  Since actually making the trip out here we continue to find hurdles that need clearing.  Most significant is the hurdle I have to clear in order to actually work.  Turns out my security clearance wasn’t even in process when I first arrived meaning longer until I can actually start working.

Yesterday I showed up to the base (at the wrong gate) and had to wait a while for my escort then for my car to be searched.  I finally made it to the hospital and started the process of getting all my things in order.  First thing I found out – my security clearance paperwork hasn’t even been started which means the initial request for my application has to be approved by 4-5 different offices on base before I can even start my application.  I met with my supervisor who is leaving in a couple weeks and his replacement.  I also met with my supervising physician and several other people.  We walked all over base getting some things done on my list, but lots of stuff couldn’t happen until I get cleared.  For now it’s a waiting game.

C and I have decided to make the most of this hiccup and spend some time exploring the local area.  Today we drove to one of the “bigger” cities nearby and do some sightseeing.  It was a nice afternoon just spending time together and getting a feel for our new country.  Plus, everything feels so very “English” around here: tons of cute houses, cobblestoned streets, rolling fields filled with livestock and wildflowers, pubs everywhere you look.  It’s all so quaint.  Except the incessant roundabouts – not so quaint!

Tomorrow we pick up the dog from Heathrow!  Cannot wait to be reunited with my baby – I’m just hoping she makes it across the pond and through customs without difficulty or drama.