A World Away Yet So Close to Home

We woke up this morning to the tragic news of the tornado in Oklahoma.  It was so shocking and sad to read the stories and see the death toll rise (which luckily actually went down as the day progressed).  Then I read online about the threat of severe weather in DFW and instantly started worrying.  I thought about our family, friends, house, etc.  It’s hard enough experiencing the severe weather and tornado sirens, but the thought of something happening to one of our loved ones and being thousands of miles away, is terrifying.  I guess it isn’t really something I thought much about in this whole moving process.  Sure, I realized I wouldn’t be around for the big exciting things like births, weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, parties, football games…but I hadn’t really thought about the bad things that might happen like deaths, illness, tragedy, natural disasters.  Hopefully we won’t have to figure out what to do if something terrible happens, but one can never know.  I know we can’t live life in fear, but a healthy dose of reality isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Tonight as I go to bed an ocean away, I’m thinking about and praying for everyone in Oklahoma and all our loved ones in north Texas.  Stay safe!