Country Living

When I told everyone we were moving to England, most people assumed London. Despite me telling them to the contrary they continued to refer to our move as going to London. Well, folks, I can assure you we are not in London! While its a pretty short train ride or 2 hour car trip away, it feels like a completely different world here. The hotel we are staying in is especially rural. In order to get to it you have to drive down a winding two-lane road then turn off at a pig farm and continue about half a mile down a narrow road barely wide enough to fit two smallish cars. The drive between the hotel and the closest large town means passing fields of wildflowers, horses, chickens and cattle as well as several forested areas. Its absolutely beautiful, but somewhat isolating at the same time.

We also pass a few houses along the road that sell seedlings or farm fresh eggs from small boxes at the end of their driveway. You just put your money into a cash box and take what you paid for. We haven’t bought anything yet because we don’t have a kitchen, but believe me, we’ll be trying it out soon!

Today while driving back from the base I heard the following traffic report. No joke, here’s a synopsis: “The M6 was closed going both directions at Junction 9 due to a cow wandering into the lanes. The farmer has since removed the cow and traffic is moving freely again with only minor delays.” FYI – any road in England with an M is a motorway, which is essentially equivalent to an interstate in the US. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Then I got stuck behind a farm tractor/trailer going 35 mph in a 50 mph zone. Needless to say, I wasn’t laughing anymore.

This is definitely the most rural place we have ever lived, but we plan to take full advantage. Where else can you pull up to the neighborhood inn or pub and feel like a local, go to a farmer’s market every weekend and know exactly where the goods come from or buy eggs on the side of the road? And if we get tired of all this country life? Large cities are only a bus or train ride away!


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