Beer, Rain & a Foxy Pup

Last night we drove to Cambridge for the 40th Annual Cambridge Beer Festival.  We stumbled across the event when looking at travel opportunities and quickly made the decision to go.  It was a cold & rainy day at our hotel but the forecast for Cambridge was better.  We were pretty nervous as it was pouring rain the entire 1+ hour drive, even as we drove into the city center.  Luckily, by the time we parked and made it out of the garage the rain had stopped and didn’t start back up again.

We decided to Lacey with us and she was a hit with everyone there!  We could see people looking, pointing and whispering as we walked by with her.  Several people stopped us and asked if they could pet her, what kind of dog she was, if she was a puppy or full grown, etc.  One guy even asked “Is she a domesticated fox? I saw a documentary on people in Russia who breed foxes as pets.”   Another guy stopped us mid-walk to say “oh my gosh, is that a Shiba Inu?”  We were shocked as no one ever knows what breed she is.  Turns out he’s been harping his wife to get one for the last several years.  Thanks to Lacey we talked with several Brits, Canadians and Americans over pints of cider or beer & chips.  She also met a Basset Hound, Lab and Bernese Mountain Dog but she wasn’t terribly interested in any of them.  She liked sniffing around the grounds looking for dropped food more than anything else.

After a few pints we walked back across Jesus Green to the car.  C and Lacey quickly fell asleep for the drive back.  It was a great way to spend the evening and get away from the hotel.  Tomorrow we get the house keys and finally get a kitchen and more than one bedroom!