Finding joy

Today was a wonderful day!  We didn’t travel or do anything terribly exciting, but nonetheless it was great.  After breakfast we headed off to find a farmer’s market.  We found it to be a bit smaller than originally hoped so we drove on to a larger town about 5 miles away and found a great, huge market!  I grabbed some great produce including local cherries and asparagus.  We then checked out a Central Market-esque grocery nearby before heading home.  We had a relaxed afternoon just lounging around the house.  I got some laundry and reading done then watched Newsies (great movie and now its a Broadway musical by the way!).  In the meantime Corey got to watch his movie and some of the French Open.  And as usual, Lacey just napped.  For dinner, we decided to check out a new Indian restaurant in a town we hadn’t been to yet.  The food was great and service even better.  After a short car ride home, including a little dance party for 2, we took Lacey out for her daily walk.  She had more pep in her step than she’s had in a long time and our walk was excellent.  As we walked back into the house I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of joy and contentment.

The transition hasn’t been easy for any of us.  Lacey has had some difficulty adjusting since moving into the house, my work situation has been stressful to say the least, and our finances have taken a hit (thankfully we have a good savings built up!).  However, days like today remind me to find joy in the simple things.  Like the fact that our fur-baby is finally getting comfortable in our new home.  In fact, today she went up and down the stairs by herself without any prodding or bribing.  Of note, our stairs are pretty narrow and she’s had some difficulty going up without tripping over herself.  We found her upstairs when we got home from our market trip and she looked so proud of herself.  Normally she likes the first half of our walk, but then starts panting, slowing down and stopping at every grassy patch.  But tonight she was prancing and running throughout the entire walk.  C and I had a great time wandering through a farmer’s market, laughing over dinner and dancing to ridiculous pop music in the car.

It sounds so silly, but all these little things made my day.  This experience isn’t just about my job or the major travel opportunities.  It’s about living somewhere different, exploring the world, adapting to a new culture and becoming closer as a family.  And yes, Lacey counts as part of that family!

I’ll close with a few pictures I took of the sky while enjoying a gorgeous afternoon on the patio yesterday.

IMG_2062 IMG_2063 IMG_2066