Work? Who needs to work?

In case you didn’t guess by the title, I’m still not working.  We are going on 4 weeks here and I’ve logged less than 20 hours of “work.”  I’m starting to go a little crazy, to be honest.  The worst part is all the timelines I’ve been given on how long it takes to get this or that accomplished have been completely and totally wrong.  Initially I was told 2 weeks to get my clearance and start working, then it was 5 business days from when I talked to one guy (that was about 9 business days ago).  Last Wednesday I signed some paperwork and I was supposed to hear something by Friday.  Of course I didn’t hear anything until I contacted them on Monday.  And the answer? Waiting on some agency – should hear something by Tuesday.  Have I heard back from anyone?  Of course not! One person even said to me last week something along the lines of “this isn’t stopping you from work is it?” Yes it is!  I’m sitting on my bum, racking up bills and not getting paid because you guys can’t get your s*** together!  I would love to show them just how much money I’ve lost out on from not working (aka how much I was supposed to make in 1 month and how much we’ve spent since moving) and ask them how they would like to make this up to me.  Too bad it would get me absolutely nowhere.  Oh and by the way, the UK government beat their “best case scenario” timeline by 5 business days…just saying…

On a happier note, in addition to the 2 trips I mentioned previously, we booked a 2 day beach getaway in a couple weeks.  Its a place about an hour away sitting between two of the UK’s best beaches according to some newspaper article.  There’s also a place to go seal watching and beautiful gardens with sea views nearby.  Honestly, I’m most excited to have the sand between my toes!

Think some positive, happy thoughts for me and my work situation this week, would you?  A prayer or two could help as well.

♥ Cheers!