Afternoon Walks

Being out in the country means lots of green spaces to go walking through.  We are lucky in that we are not too far from flat farmlands, fields of wildflowers, livestock grazing, forests of tall trees, beautiful historic homes, classic cityscapes, riverside scenes and the beach is only about 1 hour away.  We have taken advantage of all these with the exception of the beach (thats coming up soon enough, though, and I cannot wait!)

This morning we were deciding what to do for the day and came down to strawberry picking or a walk through the woods.  Not surprisingly, C chose the woodland stroll.  We decided to try a different spot than before and I’m glad we did.  The location had plenty of space for parking, a small cafe/tearoom, walled gardens, a pond filled with ducks, fish & lily pads and plenty of walking trails.  We enjoyed peeking around the walled gardens then headed off down a trail.  It was a warm day and perfect for our walk.  Added perk?  We got to see several Air Force jets flying over doing their maneuvers for the day.  We are planning to return many times and will definitely bring Lacey next time around.  It is perfect for picnics too!

IMG_0015 IMG_6602 IMG_6608 IMG_6609 IMG_6611 IMG_2130


On the job front, I finally got my clearance waiver and ID card!  Now I’m just waiting on my computer access and I’m good to work.  I’m heading in tomorrow to see if it’s all done.  If so, I’ll be working immediately!  Thank you all so much for your encouragement, positive thoughts and prayers!!