She works hard for the money

I’m a working girl again!  No, not that kind of working girl…

Yesterday was a disappointing day.  I went up to the hospital hoping to have computer access, no dice.  I ended up going to the office who takes care of it only to find out there’s another form I needed to fill out (in addition to the 3,000 or so I’ve already completed and signed).  Long & painful story short? I went up today, visited no less than 3 offices and finally got my access by early afternoon.  In the meantime I saw patients!  It was a little nerve wracking, to be honest.  I haven’t treated a patient in almost 2 months now and the last time I saw an adult…gosh who knows!  But all went fairly smoothly and I clocked a full shift before heading home for the night.

Up next, I’m working all weekend and have to be up at the hospital for work or training every day of the week except Friday.  Then its work for 3 days before we’re off to the beach! Plus we might try to score some tickets to Wimbledon on Friday – keep your fingers crossed!