Work it, work it….

Welp, I’m 3 full 12-hour shifts in and so far, so good.  Without going into too much detail, things around here take some adjusting to get used to.  First and foremost, the charting and computer system is completely different than what I’m used to from my previous hospital.  I’m slowly getting used to it, though and hope to have it pretty much figured out in a week or so.  The logistical aspects of this place can be maddening sometimes and other times great!  I know a lot of it is just getting used to this way of working, rather than what I was previously accustomed to, so I’m trying to be flexible.  The patients have been a good variety with lots and lots of kiddos, which I am A-okay with!  But most importantly, the people I’m working with have been great so far.  Everyone (with the exception of one person – there’s always one, right?) has been helpful, kind and very social!  The doctors have been so welcoming and encouraging, the nurses have been great and the uber-respectful techs sure know how to get things done in a timely and efficient manner.  By the way, I’ve never been called ma’am so much in my life!  Also, I’m learning (and re-learning) a bunch already.  I think this is going to be a great experience and it will definitely help me grow personally and professionally.