Divine intervention

Yesterday I posted about our trip to the beach.  One of the coolest parts of our trip was the hotel.  It was a great hotel and super dog friendly.  They even had a dog bed laid out, with a towel for her and treats on top.  The tea & coffee facilities included real milk in a thermos and a jar of marshmallows for hot chocolate.  But the best part of all was our room decor.  There were African wood carvings of male & female faces adorning the walls, beautiful pictures and cute furnishings with a huge window.  It sounds crazy, I know, but bear with me.


The carvings in the hotel. The two I have at home are very similar to the bottom.

Last week, C and I were talking about the financial burden of our relocation.  We talked about how we were lucky to have a good amount saved up at our age and that made it possible and the no work for a month a little less stressful.  A significant chunk of our savings came from an inheritance I received after my grandmother passed away several years ago.  We spoke about how my grandmother would definitely approve of us using that money to explore the world and live abroad, after all my grandparents lived in Saudi Arabia for a while and travelled the world for years.  Long story, short:  My grandparents had wooden carvings from Africa that are very similar to those in the hotel room.  And to make it even more strange?  I got those wooden pieces when my grandfather moved out of his house after my grandmother’s death.  They are currently packed up with our things in storage.

When I saw those wooden pieces hanging on the wall of the hotel room, it felt like some sort of reassurance that my grandma approved.  It gave me an overwhelming sense of peace and helped settle some of the nagging doubts I’ve had since we moved.  In that moment, staring at the carvings, I knew everything would be okay, no matter what happens come September.