But what about kids?

I have had conversations with everyone from my parents to new co-workers about when C and I are planning to expand our family.  People have been asking not infrequently since the day of our wedding, more than 5 years ago.  Well, since this fantastic opportunity to live abroad came about, it will be a while still before little ones are running around.  Despite that, I love looking at all things baby related from clothes to bedding to toys and everything in between.  Today while surfing the interwebs I came across an amazing gift idea for kids: Little Passports.  You sign up and every month the recipient gets a box filled with souvenirs, pictures and games related to various travel locations.  I kinda want to sign up for it myself!

On the topic of kid travel, we fully intend to continue traveling with kids in tow.  Our trips likely won’t be as big or far off as they have been (mostly because our budget will be much different) but I won’t give up something I love because it will take a little extra work to make it happen.  Plus, I want to spread our love of travel and new experiences with our kids.  On that note, I’ve decided I’m going to start collecting these books to put in our child’s library.

They have so many places we’ve visited and some we haven’t.  I can’t decide if I only want to get ones for places we’ve been and get new ones when we travel there, or collect them all at once.

Then there’s the Lonely Planet series of books called “Not for Parents…” They have a general travel book plus guides for Paris, London, New York and a few others.  Fodor’s has a similar series as well.

Finally, I found this blog post and it re-affirmed that we can keep traveling, even abroad, with little bambinos.  Plus, they travel free on airlines under the age of two!  While we’re not ready for kids at this point in our lives, I’m excited to share our travel obsession with a little one.