It’s not all sunshine and roses

After all, we are living in England, it rains around here!  No, but seriously.  I’ve posted a lot about our travels and adventures and we’re having an amazing time over here, but I don’t want people to think its all great and we don’t have our struggles.  Things have definitely been easier and less stressful since I started earning a paycheck again.  But there have been some hurdles along the way.  From small things like dealing with crummy rental cars that keep breaking, dealing with our house & its tenants back in Texas and the inconvenience of moving money from our US to UK bank account to bigger things like getting homesick.  Living thousands of miles away from family and friends is tough.  Its at least a 5 hour time difference between us and friends on the East Coast, 8 hours from the West Coast.  That makes it extremely difficult to have Skype or Facetime conversations, especially if I have to be up for work the next morning.  We hate that we’ve been not so great at keeping in close touch with people.  But we’re so grateful for people who are understanding and supportive despite it.

One of C’s biggest sacrifices (besides leaving his family & job behind) is sitting out TCU’s football season.  I know it kills him to be missing out on one of the biggest games in our recent history (playing against LSU), but he’s putting on a good face.  Thankfully we were able to sign up for ESPN over here so he can watch the game.  It’ll start around 1am but he’s planning to pull an all-nighter to watch it.  Sadly, I’ll be working the day before and after so I’ll be sleeping.

Lastly, we’re facing a lot of uncertainty right now.  When we first signed up for this adventure it was scheduled to last for 1.5 years.  However, due to circumstances outside of our control, it was cut drastically just a couple weeks before we made the move.  We decided to come out here anyway, make the most of the situation, and hope for an extension.  Well, were nearing the end of my contract and don’t really know what’s going to happen come October.  There’s a good chance we’ll be packing up and moving home, but we’re holding out hope for a small miracle.  People are working on the situation and hopefully we’ll hear something within a week or two.  We could really use some prayers and positive thoughts!

Despite all the hurdles we’ve come across in this process, I wouldn’t change it for the world.  It’s been an amazing adventure, the time of our lives, an unbelievable blessing and I’m so lucky to be sharing it with such a fantastic, supportive and loving husband.