Back to Tex Mex

Sadly, my contract has come to an end and thus, we are heading back home.  Yep, its true.  The contract is up and, despite my supervisor’s best efforts, the powers-that-be didn’t allow me to stay on.  That means no job in the UK and moving back to the US.  We have suspected this would happen for the last several weeks and have known about it for the last few days.  However, I was waiting until the last minute to tell everyone.  Well, today we finally booked Lacey’s flight as well as our flight, so I guess we can call it official.  We’ll be back in Texas next week.  I can honestly say its bittersweet.  It sucks that we’re leaving, I won’t sugar coat that.  But it will be great to see family and friends that we haven’t seen, or even talked to, in months.  It’s been a great ride, and I can honestly say we’ve made the most of it.  I don’t regret a single decision we’ve made and I wouldn’t change a thing (well anything that was under our control at least).  We still have a lot to arrange & figure out, but in the meantime we’re enjoying one last adventure: this time in Barcelona.  Adios mis amigos!