Two sides to every coin

Well, I have some good news and I have some bad news…

It feels like that has been the story of our return to the good ol’ US of A.  We made it home safely and all our bags made it with us.  That first night back we had dinner with family and did a little catching up until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.  Our first few days were spent just trying to adjust to a very different time zone and train our bodies not to wake up at 4am every day.  My wonky sleep schedule didn’t help my mood.

Our first weekend back happened to be TCU’s homecoming as well.  We tailgated with our usual crew and it felt great to be back with them (good news), despite the heat and ridiculous humidity (bad news).  Plus TCU won the game, so that was a plus!  We then got to spend some time with more family.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been trying to get things set up for work, figure out a living situation and catch up with friends and family.  The spending time with friends and family has been the only non-stressful part.  It’s been wonderful seeing everyone, catching up and starting right where we left off.

For work, we are both lucky enough to be going back to our previous companies.  C hoped to start the first full week we were back, but the paperwork couldn’t go through in time so he had to wait a week.  Last week I interviewed for my position and accepted it on Monday.  Its great to officially have a job (good news), but I won’t get to start for almost 4 weeks (bad news).  In the meantime I’m getting a little stir crazy and our savings account is on a downhill slide.

On the living situation front, we’ve been blessed with accommodating and understanding parents who let us stay in their guest bedroom and use their kitchen, food, internet, etc.  Our house has been rented out since we left for England (good news) but they’ve extended their stay until the end of January (bad news).  We know we can’t stay with family that long so we found a furnished apartment in a pretty good location and will be moving in soon.  It’s quite a bit of a downsize (its a 700 sq ft 1-bedroom apartment) but it will be our own space.  I’m just excited to finally unpack our all our suitcases and get some things out of storage.

This week has been especially stressful.  It’s been one step forward, two steps back in a lot of ways.  However, we’re pushing through.  I’ve been keeping busy with arts and crafts projects, some kitchen therapy and watching terrible TV (can’t help it, but I love Revenge!).  C’s been getting settled at work and going out to catch up with work friends.  I’ve also been planning a trip to Utah!  Em and I are going to Park City in a few weeks to celebrate her birthday and spend quality time together.  Just thinking about our trip is one of the only things keeping me sane right now.

Everyone knows I wasn’t terribly excited about our return, so I know that attitude has a huge impact on my own happiness and stress levels.  However, I’m trying to keep my spirits up, surround myself with things and people who make me happy and tell myself that its all good.  After all, it will be, right?