Sorry I’ve been absent as of late.  I would say that it’s because I was terribly busy and had absolutely no spare time, but that’s not so true.  As you know I had a bit of extended down time prior to starting back up with my new/old job.  Well, a lot of that time was spent on the couch reading, catching up on television shows and willing myself to not shop.  However, that is not all I did!  Thanks to a great flight deal and an unendingly supportive husband I went home to visit a couple weeks ago.  We figured it was a great time to do it and it would be good for my sanity.

During the 5 days in California I spent a day at Disneyland with my best friend and goddaughter, visited with my parents, had meals with high school friends, met the newest member of my extended family and spent time with my brother’s family.  While there I also had plenty of down time and read a few good books.  It was a great and relaxing weekend away, but being around my family and friends always makes me miss C.  It was nice to visit, but it was nice to come home to my husband and pup.

The Happiest Place on Earth with my goddaughter

The Happiest Place on Earth with my goddaughter

IMG_3280 IMG_3283

The first boy on my side of the family - only took 6 girls to get there!

The first boy on my side of the family – only took 6 girls to get there!

She wasn't happy about nap time

She wasn’t happy about nap time

I missed this girl

I missed this girl

The weekend after I returned from California I was setting off to the airport again.  This time I was headed not to sunny, warm lands but to the slopes of Park City, UT.  Em and I had planned a girls trip as a way to visit with each other and celebrate her birthday.  We thoroughly enjoyed snow, delicious food and each other’s company.  I’m planning to write up a separate post all about our trip.

We returned Monday night and Tuesday was my first day at work.  I am back at the same hospital as before we left for England, but I’m in a different position.  It combines clinical time and a supervisory role, meaning administrative time for meetings and other fun things.  I’ve worked a few shifts this week and so, far, so good.  I’m excited about the new opportunity and all that it entails.  It will be a challenge but that’s one of the appealing things about it.  Wish me luck!