A To-Do list of sorts

As 2014 begins, many people are making resolutions.  I’ve never been really big on New Year’s Resolutions, partly because I’m too lazy to come up with them as well as actually complete them.  Why set myself up for failure, right?  Well, this year I decided to set some goals, create a to-do list, I suppose.  Who knows, maybe I’m just putting a different name on the old resolution trend.  So here goes nothing:

  • Make croissants…from scratch.  Bonus points for also making pain au chocolat


  • Remember each immediate family member’s birthdays and acknowledge them (before their birthday).  This includes my siblings, parents, in-laws, nieces and nephew.  I have let myself get away from sending gifts, let alone cards or making phone calls, and it bothers me to no end.  So, I’m making a list, putting it on every calendar I can grab and making it a priority


  • Find joy in something every day.  This is partly inspired by a movie we saw last year called About Time.  Part of the message from the movie is live each day seeing or making the best of every moment.  I often let myself get bogged down in the minutiae of life like traffic, the piles of laundry waiting to be washed, or the fact that I need to stop for gas and figure out what’s for dinner.  I want to focus on admiring the sunrise on the way to work or the smell of a candle burning.


  • Explore more of the good ol’ USA.  After traveling the world, and Europe in particular, we want to see more of this beautiful country of ours.  We have some things in the works and others are mere ideas at this time.


  • Spend more time cultivating important relationships.  I know it may be cliche, but I have some fantastic friends and family.  Recently, I have let some of them fall by the wayside and it makes me sad.  So I want to work on strengthening those again.


  • Plant something.  I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a garden at the house, but it overwhelms me.  This year I’m going to bite the bullet, create (or buy a prefab) raised bed and plant something – perhaps peppers and tomatoes to start?  I might not actually get to harvest anything, but I’m going to give it my best shot!


  • Put pictures on the walls.  I only have one wall in the entire house where I’ve actually hung photos.  After we move back in, I want to put pictures, art or something on a wall in every room.  Particularly, I have big plans for the office and have gradually been collecting decor.  I’m pretty excited to execute my vision.


  • Make my own butter


Whelp, there it is – my 2014 To-Do List!  Here’s hoping I can accomplish it all and then some.