The secret is out!

After a long 8 weeks, we were finally able to spill our crazy exciting news to the world – we’re expecting!  I say 8 weeks because that’s how long we’ve known, but I’m actually 12+ weeks along at this point.


We found out at 4 weeks that I was pregnant but had to wait an agonizing 4 more weeks to see the OB.  At that visit we got our first picture of Goober (the name we’ve chosen for the baby until the sex is determined).  It looked just like a gummy bear with a little heart beating around 150 times per minute.  It was honestly very surreal to see it up on the screen and know that tiny thing was in my womb and growing at an insane rate.

Everyone has been asking how I’ve been feeling and to be honest, I’ve been pretty crummy.  Tired, nauseous and moody.  Thankfully, I got meds to help with the nausea which has made it bearable, but not a cure by any means.  Over the last few days the nausea has subsided significantly and I’ve even gone a few days without meds, so I’m hoping that means I’ve turned the corner.

Thursday brings another ultrasound and doctor’s visit and we’re pretty excited for another glimpse at Goober.  Now that I have something exciting to blog about, I’ll be posting much more often, I promise!