Week 13

Today marks the beginning of our 13th week of pregnancy.

Many people have been asking how I’ve been feeling so I’ll give a quick rundown without going into gorey details.  Since hitting the 6 week mark I’ve been pretty nauseated, like nauseous all day no matter what, nauseated.  I suffered through it using ginger ale, starchy foods, B12 candies, accupressure bands and ginger candies with little improvement.  That was until my first OB appointment.  I asked her about meds and she was more than happy to prescribe me what I now consider my “happy pill”, Zofran.  Initially I was stingy with it, not wanting to take a medication if I didn’t have to.  Plus it was a big mess trying to get my insurance to cover a month’s supply so I wanted to make it last as long as possible.  Anyhow, after figuring out what worked best, I started taking it immediately upon waking every morning and that was nothing short of miraculous for me.  The last week or so, I’ve been weaning myself off it fairly successfully.  I have been feeling much better from the nausea standpoint but have noticed some mornings if I don’t take the Zofran I have to make a trip to the toilet then feel fine.  At this point I’m going on two days in a row (and 4 of the last 7) with no Zofran at all and I’m doing pretty good, so hopefully its a sign of things improving.  I even cooked dinner for the first time in a month last week!  To say C was excited is an understatement.

My energy levels have been pretty good actually, but I have noticed I’m ready for bed much earlier in the day.  Usually I have no trouble staying up until 10:30-11pm but many nights I’ve been falling asleep at 8 or 9.  Thankfully I haven’t been working many night shifts lately, so I’ve been able to indulge in these early bedtimes.  Now that I’m feeling better from the nausea standpoint, I’m hoping to start working out regularly again and that should help increase my energy as well.

Okay, enough about me, what about Goober?  Well we got to check in on her/him yesterday at the doctor’s office.  We decided to do the genetic screening which entailed a sonogram and blood work.  The sono was wonderful!  Goober was moving all over the place, flipping around and kicking its legs.  It didn’t make the sonographer’s job easy, but I think it made the sono last longer, so I wasn’t complaining!  We got to see Goober’s heart (beating 150 bpm – right on average!), spine, 2 arms, 2 legs, nose and face.  I won’t lie, the face was kinda creepy!  It was so amazing to see this active living thing that’s growing inside my womb.  Our first ultrasound, Goober just looked like a gummy bear, so it was much more “real” seeing this thing that actually resembled a baby.  Oh, an the measurements all looked good!  Now we just have to wait 2 weeks for the lab results.

Goober: 8 weeks on top, 13 weeks on bottom

Goober: 8 weeks on top, 13 weeks on bottom

Now for stats: The baby is the size of a peach and is forming fingerprints.  It’s intestines are moving into it’s abdomen (from the umbilical cord, crazy, huh?) and its starting for form teeth and vocal cords.

This weekend we’re off to Chicago for some sightseeing, good food and time together.  More on our trip when we return!