Work, work, work…

That’s been my life for the last week.  In 8 days I worked 70 hours.  No, I didn’t just make a typo, you read that correctly.  I’m not quite sure how or why but I managed to schedule myself for 6 days in a row with a day off followed by another shift.     And of course, this was during a busy time at work.  Patient volumes are still high, tensions are a bit high among staff, we’re still hiring and training new team members and we just underwent a huge (but exciting) change last week.  Add the wicked cold I came down with and it was an exhausting 8 days.

Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who was flexible, helpful and rather patient with me all week.  And this week is much better!  I’m enjoying a much needed day off today while getting some things done around the house, including cooking up a Cinco de Mayo feast for just the 2.5 of us.  I had considered inviting some friends over to share the meal but that would mean I have to clean the house – yeah, I’m not feeling that ambitious today!  If all turns out well with my kitchen experiments, I’ll make sure to post recipes soon.

On the agenda for this week is catching up on some reading, cooking a few meals, cleaning up the house and getting back to the gym.  And while I’m looking forward to a low key week, I’m really excited to start the countdown to our beach vacation next month!