Dreaming of the UK

Lately, I’ve been in a bit of funk.  Overall, life is grand, but I keep thinking and dreaming (literally) about England.  Its in large part due to the fact that we’re coming up on a year from when we left.  At this time last year I was stressing out, packing like crazy, cleaning the house and trying to make time to say goodbyes.  We were stressed and anxious but wildly excited.  The world was wide open and we were going to make the best of it.  I also know that it has a lot to due with me being stressed at work, C working a bunch of overtime, less time spend with each other than I’d like, me feeling uneasy/unsettled about various things in life and my crazy urge to jump on a train and visit a new place.

A year later, I’m sitting at home in my PJs watching Real Housewives and wishing I was sitting in our little living room, watching the BBC on our tiny TV and dreading taking the dog for her nighttime walk.  I miss life being simpler like walking across the street for fresh eggs, driving to the farmer’s market on Wednesdays and taking a daily walk through the churchyard.  I miss knowing that I would work 9am-9pm with wonderful people and days off were spent with my wonderful husband exploring new things, cooking in our ill-equipped kitchen, just enjoying each other’s company and relaxing.  I also desperately miss planning new adventures such as which old site to visit, day trip to take or European city to explore.

I know the opportunity we had was amazing and something most people will never have the chance to experience.  However, since it was so short, I can’t get rid of the nagging feeling that our whole adventure was left “unfinished,” for lack of a better word.  We’ve talked about if we would ever make the leap again, moving to the UK or Europe for a defined period of time.  It’s definitely not off the table, but we know the chance may never come back around.  I’m not getting my hopes up or even expecting another shot, but the thought is often present in the back of my mind.  In the meantime, I’ll work hard to be successful in my job, try my best to make time for my husband friends and family, prep for our new addition and maybe, just maybe, actually finish unpacking the bunch of boxes left in storage.

I hate to come here and whine about what may seem trivial to others, but hey, I’m being honest and real.  If I can’t do that on my personal blog, where can I?