Week 18

I am now 18 weeks along, which means almost halfway there!  The last several weeks I’ve been feeling great.  Very rarely waking up nauseated but it goes away with eating.  My energy levels are almost the same as pre-pregnancy meaning I’m doing much more around the house, especially in the kitchen.  I feel like I’m gaining weight like crazy but I’m eating relatively well, so I don’t know.  I can still fit into one pair of pre-pregnancy pants fully zipped and hooked, but that’s about it.  I have started to notice more of a bump now and wonder if strangers can tell or if they just think I’m chubby…

I have gotten back to the gym and its been wonderful.  Two weeks ago I swam for almost 45 minutes and although I was tired halfway through, I pushed along making myself reach a goal of certain laps.  I was sore and exhausted by the end, but it felt good.  Last week I worked out with a friend, going walking around the outdoor track at the gym before a nice yoga class.  It was fairly basic which was great for me because it had been many years since I’d done an actual class.  Sadly this week I haven’t made it to the gym, but I’m planning to go before my shift tomorrow night.

As much as I’m feeling better, restful sleep is becoming much more difficult.  Starting about 2 weeks ago I started having hip pain when lying on my side (which is really the only position I’m supposed to sleep on at this point).  It resulted in me tossing and turning all night.  Between that and several trips to the toilet, I was not sleeping well at all and waking up tired.  I finally invested in the Leacho Back ‘N Belly pillow and even got a coupon for 20% off!  I’ve only used it for 3 nights but I can tell you those nights I’ve slept so much better.  I’m just hoping it continues.

We went to the OB last week for a routine checkup and got to hear Goober’s heartbeat which was nice and strong.  Other than that it was just an opportunity for us to ask a few questions, get my blood pressure and weight checked and have some blood drawn for a test looking for possibility of spina bifida (no results yet).  We did, however, get to schedule our next appointment which is the big gender and anatomy sono.  It is scheduled 2 days before we leave on vacation which makes it even better! I’m so stinking excited!

I’ll close with some stats.  Goober is now approximately 5 1/2 inches long, 7 oz and the size of a bell pepper.  It is starting to move its arms and legs which means I could start feeling movement any day now.  You can expect the next baby update to include news on whether this little one is girl or boy ♥