Catching Up

I’ve got some catching up to do!  I’ve been working like crazy since we got back from vacation and this week is no exception.  However, I’m working the night shift tonight, so I have all day at home by myself – what does that mean?  Time to update the blog (and maybe get a few things done around the house).

I’d like to say there’s been lots of exciting things happening around here, but with all my working, there really hasn’t been.  Just after returning from Hilton Head I worked a stretch of 11 of 13 days.  When those days are 10 or 12 hour shifts, it gets really stinking tiring.  I had two whole days off last week and it was great!  Now I’m working on a stretch of 8 in a row.  I know it’s crazy, but I’m getting overtime which equals extra money for baby stuff.  And now is the time to do it since I’m actually feeling pretty good.

Last week after work I met up with some girlfriends for our bi-monthly girls dinner.  It was pouring rain that day so I left pretty early from home expecting a long trip to the restaurant.  Well, I made good time and had about 30 minutes to kill so I stopped off at Pier 1 “just to browse”.  Ha – famous last words, eh?  I did find this super cute wire Eiffel Tower that will be perfect for the nursery (we’re thinking some travel accents, but not an all out travel theme…still working on that idea).  It’s technically a jewelry holder but I’m thinking it would make a great simple accent piece or a bow/headband holder.  We met for dinner and, as always, it was a great time.  The restaurant was okay, the service spotty at best, but when you have good company, it doesn’t matter so much.

C took of a day off work last week to coincide with one of my days off.  It meant we got to hang out and do some fun things with just us.  We drove to a peach and blackberry farm out in the country where you can pick your own peaches and blackberries.  Since he was willing to drive 1 1/2 hours to appease me, I decided to let him off the hook and not actually pick the fruit.  We did browse their impressive farm store and picked up some great things such as juicy fresh peaches, beautiful blackberries, a fried chocolate pie (OMG so good!), fresh homemade wheat bread and a few other things.  After our trip to the country I dropped him off for a lunch with his Fantasy Football league buddies to talk about the upcoming season and I had an hour or so to kill.  I was supposed to get my state inspection done, but it was too long of a wait so I went across the street to Gap instead and did a little damage on the credit card.  I picked up some great baby clothes all on sale/clearance.  My favorite part of my purchase?  A super cute outfit including a Paddington Bear shirt, jeans and red cardigan with matching red bear beanie.  The little one is going to look so cute in it!!  And in all fairness, it was my first big shopping trip for baby.  After lunch, I managed to convince C to go to Buy Buy Baby and work on our registry – he was quite a great sport.  In return, we went to the movies that night to see Divergent which he’s been wanting to see since he read the books last year while in England.  It was a great day together.

Finally, an awesome, exciting, fantastic thing happened just over a week ago.  Em and Matt had their sweet baby girl, Grace!  She’s such a beautiful baby and I know they are great parents already.  I’m so excited for them, totally in love with her already, and cannot wait to meet her when I go to Ohio in a few weeks!

I have some baby updates, but I’m going to wait to post until after my OB appointment this week.  And I still need to post about our Hilton Head trip – maybe this week if I can force myself to sit down and do it!

Happy Monday y’all!