Week 24

Yesterday marked 24 weeks along.

As I said in my previous post I’ve been feeling her kick and its getting stronger and stronger.  I’m pretty sure she’s punching me a times too.  I definitely feel more when I’m sitting around or lying in bed.  But let me tell you, it can be hard to fall back asleep at 3am when I’m feeling those little feet take a go at my belly.  Last night her kicks felt strong and I could have sworn I could feel it with my hand on my belly.  So I put C’s hand there to see if he could feel her.  Of course, she didn’t kick until he moved his hand almost 5 minutes later.  Ah well, guess he’ll have to keep waiting.

I went in for my 24 week checkup on Thursday morning and everything was looking good.  My doctor got called out for an emergency c-section just as I was called back to the room, so I saw the NP instead.  Baby girl was moving around like crazy so her heart rate was a little high (160) but nothing too concerning.  I’m measuring right on time and my blood pressure was great.  They asked if I wanted to do labs that morning but I had just had toast with jam for breakfast less than a hour before my appointment.  The nurse agreed that I should probably wait until next week to get them done because it included the gestational diabetes screen – definitely don’t want to fail that just because of my carb loaded breakfast!  So I’ll go back next week to get it taken care of.

C and I have decided to start taking nightly walks in order to get out of the house, do light activity and enjoy some “just us” time while we still can.  The first couple nights went well, but one day we went walking after it rained.  How can a pregnant woman ruin a simple walk? Easy – slip on some mud, fall on her knees and face and scare the pee out of her and her hubby.  It hurt when I fell but I got up brushed myself off then started crying like crazy.  Thankfully I didn’t land on my belly or back but I was so scared!!  We gingerly walked back home and I quickly elevated my leg, threw an ice back on my knee and ankle and called it a night.  The worst injury was a really nasty bruise to my knee (which is still there 2 weeks later).  Now we have a rule that I’m only allowed to wear tennis shoes, no flip flops, on our nightly walks.

We’ve made some progress on the nursery in that we’ve decided on a color scheme, I purchased my first decor item and we picked out a crib.  We also narrowed down the choice for a dresser and just have to pick one.  Hopefully we can order them soon!  Last week we worked on one of our registries and it’s almost complete.  I’m a little worried that I have too much stuff between our registries so I’ve been tweaking it here and there.

In big news we finally decided on a name!  We’d been going back and forth with two different name combos before choosing the winner.  I haven’t told many people yet, so I’m waiting to post it for a while longer.  

Over the last few weeks I’ve definitely been looking more pregnant which is great!  I’m not so worried anymore that people think I’m just getting chubby.  I actually had two patients’ parents ask me today if I was pregnant – which is a first!  It was kinda fun to tell them yes!  Since I actually have a definitive bump and not just pudge, I’ve been wanting to take a picture of it.  I finally got C to take a picture a couple days ago.

My first "bump" picture!

My first “bump” picture! 23 + 5 weeks

Only a couple more weeks until the 3rd trimester starts, so crazy!