Upcoming Travels

One of the questions I asked my OB at my very first appointment was how long can I travel?  She smirked a little then said, “if everything is going well, you can travel until 34 weeks.”  Music to my ears, my friends!  I was convinced I’d be grounded once I hit the 3rd trimester, so I was thrilled to hear I could go pretty far into things.  So what did my travel-obsessed self do?  Quickly started figuring out when that 34 week mark hit so I could plan my travels for the summer.

A big priority for me was a visit to see Em, Matt and sweet little Gracie.  So in a couple weeks I’m hopping on a plane for a quick trip to Ohio to visit my favorite Buckeyes.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to see Em, meet their newest addition and meet Wallace, the dog!  And, if I’m being completely honest, I’m excited to get a few days off work and get out of this Texas summer!

Next on the must-do list?  Take a trip home to visit my parents, friends and meet Sarah’s newest addition, Hazel.  So in August I’m taking time to fly to CA.  And while there my sister is throwing me my first baby shower!  I’m pretty excited about it.  I’ve also already put in a request for a trip to the beach.  I’ll probably feel like a whale at that point, so what better place than the ocean to unwind, right?

I also really wanted to fit in a “baby moon” while I still could.  C vetoed the idea of Hawaii or the Caribbean so we decided to stick with the West Coast.  Initially we were thinking of driving up the CA coast staying up the Bay Area but things didn’t work out with using our credit card rewards for free hotels.  We decided to go further north and so we’re spending several days in the Pacific Northwest.  We’ll be starting in Bellingham, WA for a couple days, then driving to Vancouver for a couple days and finishing off with Seattle for a day.  I have been to Washington many many times since my mom’s family is up there, but C has never been.  I’m excited for some time for the two of us, relaxing, sightseeing and (again) being in cooler temps.  I’ve never been to Vancouver but have heard so many great things, so I’m really looking forward to it.

After that I’m grounded for quite a while.  We won’t be going anywhere outside of the area until after the holidays, most likely, thanks to baby’s arrival and the fact that we’re hosting Christmas this year.  But I’m sure I’ll be so busy with finishing up at work, prepping for her appearance then adjusting to life with an infant that I won’t even feel that old familiar travel pang.  Or, maybe I will?

However, to make up for all that no-travel time, we’re planning a fairly epic trip next Spring.  Where are we going, you ask? Australia and New Zealand for 3 weeks!  And, yes, we’re taking Baby S with us.  We’ve saved up airline miles for months and months and after crazy amount of searching and phone calls with American Airlines we booked Business Class tickets to the Land Down Under.  At that point we’ll have a 6 month old so hoping she’ll be on a schedule but not extremely mobile.  Add in the fact that we’ll be able to stretch out in Business Class, the 15+ hour flight should be bearable.  Now that we have tickets I’ve been obsessively researching where to go and what to do (despite the fact that its still ~10 months away).

Yes, I realize I’m crazy but I just can’t help myself, I love to travel!