Week 26

Tomorrow marks 26 weeks along.  And you know what that means?  I’m now in my 7th month and 3rd trimester.  The last couple weeks have been pretty busy when it comes to baby.

C’s dad graciously offered to buy our crib for us and since it was on sale, bought it last week.  It’s been shipped and on the way.  Now that we have a crib on the way we’ve been working on other nursery items.  Sunday we went out searching for a dresser and chair.  Pottery Barn Kids was having a floor sample sale and we were hoping to find the dresser there, but no such luck.  They had a beautiful dresser for about half price but it was the wrong color, boooo!  We were more successful with the chair though, finding a super comfy one that’s big enough for C as well.  We placed the order and were told it could be 8-12 weeks for delivery.  Glad we got on it quickly!  We’re still working on finding a dresser and have a few we like but are trying to decide if it’s worth the price tag.

With the nursery furnishings in full swing, we’re identifying projects to complete for the nursery.  Up first, fixing some water damage on the ceiling and installing a ceiling fan.  Then we need to repaint the walls (first we need to pick a paint color!), repaint/finish a bookcase and find a small bedside table.  Not to mention finding window treatments, a rug and a bedside table.  Whew, good thing we still have a full trimester to get it done!

After much back and forth, I think I’ve put the finishing touches on our registries.  We are registered at 3 different places, one online and two brick-and-mortar stores.  We figured this would make the most sense as we have friends and family scattered around so online shopping might work best for them, while the locals might like to walk into a store to purchase items.  Some of the stuff on the registry is pretty pricey, but I’m not expecting them to all be purchased for us.  I tried my best to include lower and moderately priced items as well so there’s lots of variety for people.

I went to the OB last week just for lab work, including the dreaded glucose screening.  I went early in the morning, chugged down my orange flavored beverage and occupied the hour reading on my Kindle.  A couple days later, I received my test results and passed with flying colors!  I wasn’t too worried about the test, but recently a few friends failed the screen and had to do the 3 hour test so you never know.  My next appointment isn’t for a couple more weeks.

Remember in my last baby-related post I talked about feeling our little girl kicking like crazy?  As expected, its getting stronger and stronger with each day.  About 2 or 3 days after that post C was able to feel her kick for the first time.  He’s felt her a couple times since and its been so cool to share that experience with him.  We decided to start reading to her at night. I bought a book of Mother Goose rhymes and the complete Beatrix Potter set.  Two nights ago we started and Corey read to her.  It was quite possibly the sweetest thing I’ve even seen.  I can’t wait to see him interact with her, he’s going to be such a great dad!

Physically, I’m feeling pretty well.  Last weekend I had a hard time with foot and ankle swelling, especially with the party.  But the last few days have been great.  I guess the trick is to not stand for too long at a time and prop my feet up when sitting.  I did wear some compression socks to work on Monday and that really seemed to help so I guess I’ll go with it.  Restful sleep is becoming a rare commodity around here lately.  Some nights I toss and turn having a hard time getting comfortable, other nights I wake up 3 or so times to pee and other nights I wake up at 3 or 4 am wide awake.  I just keep telling myself it’s my body’s preparation for the first several months she’s here.  Most days I have a small amount of back pain, but usually some gentle stretching or repositioning helps relieve that.  Otherwise, I’m feeling great.  No real cravings except my out of control sweet tooth.  But I had a major sweet tooth pre-pregnancy so that’s not a big surprise.  My only food aversion is Indian food, which sucks because I loved it pre-pregnancy.   We’ll just have to wait and see if that changes at all.

Only 99 more days until our little lady is due!