Week 28

Friday marked 28 weeks along.  To celebrate I had an OB appointment which overall went well.  I’ve gained a bit more weight than I’d like at this point but she didn’t mention anything to me about it.  I’ve been having some pretty significant swelling to my ankles and feet for the last 2 weeks or so and felt like it was a bit early in the pregnancy for that.  So I brought it up to her.  I also mentioned I had flown recently to and from Ohio.  Based on my recent travel and the fact that my blood pressure and urine test looked great (in other words, no concern for pre-eclampsia, a dangerous cause of swelling in preggo ladies), she was a little concerned about a blood clot in my leg(s).  She sent me for an outpatient doppler to check it out and everything seems to be just fine.  I guess between working on my feet, traveling and the heat/humidity of a Texas summer, my feet are going to be fat until this baby comes.

I’ve been feeling okay lately, aside from the swelling and intermittent back pain.  My energy levels are good and I’ve actually been sleeping better the last week or so.  I’m hoping the sleep thing isn’t a fluke, but I’m not holding my breath.  Back pain is becoming more and more bothersome especially because it’s in my upper back, making it difficult to stretch out or massage on my own.  I do have a massage scheduled this afternoon so I’m hoping it will help.  If it does, I’m planning to set up somewhat regular prenatal massages from this point on.  I’ve also enlisted C to massage out the achy spots when they get bad, started taking warm baths and added an extra pillow to my ginormous pregnancy pillow which all help tremendously.

As I mentioned I’ve put on more weight than I would have liked at this point, so I’m going to do my best to be better about what I’m eating.  At one point I was craving salads and fruit and all kinds of healthy stuff, but that’s fallen off somewhat and I’ve found myself eating more sweet stuff and craving not so healthy things like pasta, pizza, french fries, etc.  I did make a trip to the grocery store last week to stock up on some fruits and veggies to provide better snacks and hope to enjoy some delicious summer fruit to cure my late night sweet cravings.  C has been really helpful at holding me accountable to this without being a jerk and making me feel bad (not so easy to do when it comes to dealing with a hormonal pregnant woman).     I also need to be more active and get some more exercise, but with it heating up around here and my back bothering me most nights our evening walks have been pretty non-existent.

When it comes to baby arrival prep, we’ve been pretty big slackers.  We were going to have a handyman come out a couple weeks ago to install a ceiling fan and fix some water damage on the ceiling of the nursery.  Well there was some miscommunication and he never called or showed up.  Since then we just haven’t gotten around to scheduling someone else to come out.  We do have the crib in a box in our living room, though!  We also bought a travel crib/playard/pack’n play while Nordstrom was having their big Anniversary Sale because it was a great deal and had great reviews.  Well, I took it out of the box to find that it had a cut along the side of the bag that went through to the crib material.  An easy phone call later and it’s replacement is on the way.  So we still need to: move the existing furniture out of the room, choose a paint color then actually paint, get the carpets cleaned, purchase a dresser, move new furniture in, put things on the walls and lots more.  Everyone keeps telling me once I hit the nesting phase, I’ll get all this stuff done, but I’m not so sure about that.  Really, once we get back from vacation in a couple weeks, I think we’ll actually get on it and start checking items off the list.  We also need to schedule a class at the hospital but figuring out how to make our 2 crazy schedules fit into their scheduled class times is not the easiest task, so its been pushed back time and time again.  This baby stuff is overwhelming!

For now, I’m going to relax with my feet up on the couch, enjoy feeling her kicks punches and flips, then head to my massage.  Who needs to be productive on their day off? :-)

Here's the bump!

Here’s the bump!

Tried to get one with my fur baby but she wasn't having it - stinker!

Tried to get one with my fur baby but she wasn’t having it – stinker!