Week 33

Well, kids, its been a while!  Sorry about that – went on vacation then life got crazy.  Anyhow, we keep trucking along on this pregnancy journey and have made it to the 33 week mark.  You know what that means?  Only 7 weeks until our little girl is due.  7 weeks….as in 49 days….yikes!!

For the most part I’ve been feeling really good.  While traveling I had some problems with feet swelling and back pain, but nothing to bad.  Since we’ve been back in town, I’ve been feeling my best.  Minimal discomfort, feeling her moving and kicking like crazy and actually sleeping pretty well.  That is until this week.  Tuesday I woke up with that lovely nauseated feeling.  I thought it just meant I needed to eat something but I didn’t even make it that far before running to the toilet.  It was not a pretty sight and it lasted allll day (despite meds)!  Thankfully I was able to stay home from work, lie in bed all day and attempt to stay hydrated.  I got pretty dehydrated and, in hindsight, should have called my OB because I probably needed some IV fluids.  However, I woke up Wednesday morning feeling a little better and able to keep fluids down, so I went into work.  I’m still on the mend and sadly not 100% yet, but feeling much much better.

I went to my regular OB appointment today and despite losing 1 lb since my appointment 2 weeks ago, everything is looking good.  Hannah gave her a nice kick while she was checking out her heartbeat and gave us a good laugh.    Despite my weight loss, I’m measuring right on track so no worries from that standpoint.  I have one more appointment in 2 weeks then start my weekly appointments.  Hard to believe we’re at that point already, isn’t it?

As far as baby prep, we’re making slow progress.  My sister, sister-in-law and mom threw a shower for me while I was home several weeks ago (I’ll post more on that separately).  Getting the box of gifts in the mail this week has me itching to get the nursery more set up.  Next week we have someone coming out to take care of ceiling damage and installing a fan, then we’ll get to paint and move furniture in the room.  We have picked up the chair for the nursery, have the crib (still in the box), bought a rug and a few shelves and found a dresser which we haven’t yet bought.  Thankfully we both have the weekend off and no football game to attend so we’re planning to tackle cleaning out the room, buy the dresser, pick out paint colors and possibly buy a few other decor items.  We’re getting down to the wire so its time to get things in gear!

We did attend our first childbirth class on Wednesday and it went pretty well.  C wasn’t terribly excited about going, especially because it was 3 hours long right after work.  However, I think it was helpful and not as boring as he was expecting.  While I knew a lot of the information from my OB/Gyn rotation in school, it was a good reminder about some things I had forgotten.  It also gave C some good information about changes going on in my body, what’s happening with our little one and what labor might look like.  We also watched a video of a delivery that surprisingly wasn’t too gruesome.  It was a fairly small class but we have a few jokesters who kept it entertaining.  We have the 2nd class next week which will include talk of a epidurals, c-sections, postpartum care and newborns plus a tour of the maternity ward.  Then we’ll know everything there is to know about giving birth and taking care of a baby…right?  Ha!

Happy Friday folks!