Week 36 (.5)

Well hello there!  We’re down to less than a month until Miss Hannah’s due date – where has the time gone?!?  It feels like just a few days ago I was talking about how much time we still have to get everything put together.  Now I feel a slight panic every day that we won’t get it all done in time!

Overall, I’ve been feeling pretty well physically.  After my bout with a nasty stomach bug several weeks ago, I was dealing with some pretty intense heartburn.  Thankfully it only lasted a week and has since subsided!  Guess that means we won’t be having a hairy baby after all 😉  Good sleep is getting harder and harder to come by.  I’d say I get only about 5-6 hours of quality sleep on a good night, much less on a bad night.  It’s mostly due to the fact that I can’t get comfortable and have to use the bathroom 4 times a night but there’s also just plain ol’ insomnia keeping awake in the wee hours of the morning.  It’s a bit cruel, if you ask me.  Soon enough I’ll have this little being keeping me up all hours of the night, shouldn’t my body let me enjoy some un-interrupted sleep while I still can?  Apart from crummy sleep, the biggest issue I’ve had is swelling in my feet.  Last week was awful!  I was either in my office or in meetings Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and by midday my feet had morphed into plump pillows with little sausages attached.  Oh and don’t even look for my ankles – they disappear into the rest of my leg.  Not pretty, let me tell you.  Thankfully it’s been a little better the last few days.

My last doctor’s appointment was almost 2 weeks ago and things were going along well.  I’m measuring right on track, her heart rate is great and she even gave a kick for my doctor.  I go again Thursday and from now on will be going once a week until she arrives.  I have no idea what position she is in (head down vs breech) so I’ll have to remember to ask about that this week.

Baby arrival prep continues in full swing around here, but we’re making only slow progress.  Remember my last post I talked about having an entire weekend off to get things accomplished?  Well, I was kind enough to share my stomach bug with C which mean he was out of commission all day that Saturday and still feeling pretty crummy the next day so we did very little.  At this point we’ve managed to get the drywall fixed, ceiling fan installed, furniture out of the room and walls painted.  Tonight we’re planning to assemble the crib, lay the rug down and put the rocking chair in.  Still up: assemble the dresser and bookshelves, hang window treatments and hang pictures.  We also still need to purchase a few items such as the crib mattress, bedside lamp, changing table topper and diaper pail.  I have started sorting her clothes and plan to wash her newborn and 0-3 month stuff today along with tons of blankets we’ve amassed.  Last week we were able to order our car seat and extra base for free through a rewards program at C’s work which saved us over $200!  Woohoo!  And we’re redeeming credit card rewards points to get our stroller, saving us $400!  This little girl is getting pricey so getting a few big items for free has been a nice surprise.

Now for some baby stats.  Ms Hannah is due in 25 days.  (C is hoping she arrives on her due date, I’m just hoping within 3 days either side of her due date) At the 36 week mark she is the size of a honeydew melon, measuring on average 19 inches long and 6.5 lbs.  All her organs are formed and working except her lungs which are still maturing a little.  However, in just 4 days we’ll be at 37 weeks meaning full term!  She is still a very active little bugger, some days more than others.  Last night she was kicking non-stop for a good 10-15 minutes.  I attribute it to the amazing chocolate peanut butter cup gelato I enjoyed last night.

Posts you can expect to see soon: baby showers, babymoon (well overdue!), general non-baby related life updates.  I’m going to try my best to actually catch up on blogging before my hands a full of newborn loving and sleep deprivation.  And I hope to actually put some pictures in future posts, but no promises.  Have a wonderful week!