We arrived in Brisbane very early on Thursday morning.  After going through customs and immigration we took the train into the city center.  From there we had a short walk to the apartment we had rented.  We dropped our things off and decided to wander a bit.  Unfortunately it was raining, but we made the most of it and managed to venture across the river and get a great view of the city.  Hannah napped the entire time (which was much needed!) then we stopped off for some lunch.

Trekking across the river to the other side of Brisbane

Trekking across the river to the other side of Brisbane

Shhh...sleeping baby!

The rain continued off and on throughout the day so we just laid low and relaxed, napped and played in the apartment.  Come dinner time we decided to walk to an Italian/pizza place we had found online.  It was a bit of hike but thankfully the rain held off for the most part en route.  We settled in for the night and crossed our fingers that Hannah would sleep well.  Around 4am we heard her fussing so  I went to get her.  I hoped nursing her would calm her and she would go back to sleep.  No such luck, she was up and ready to play! After playing for about an hour, she decided she was sleepy and back to bed it was.  We got up later and found some breakfast down the street.  Unfortunately it was another rainy day so we wandered around the shopping area and spent a little time at the museum.  The rain got pretty intense throughout the day with impressive downpours (even for Texas standards!)  We attempted to leave for dinner, but just walking half a block away we were soaked despite umbrellas so we turned back and ate whatever food we’d picked up from the grocery the day prior.


Let’s play!

Just a smidge of rain as seen from our windows

Just a smidge of rain as seen from our windows

That sucker hovered over Brisbane alllllll day

That sucker hovered over Brisbane alllllll day!

Thankfully, our 3rd day called for sunny skies and absolutely gorgeous weather.  We hoofed it across the river to catch a boat to the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary.  I had read up on this animal sanctuary and the big draw for me was the opportunity to hold a koala and feed kangaroos.  We caught the boat for a lovely ride up the river with some commentary on various sights.   After about an hour we arrived at our destination, disembarked and entered the park.  The visit was great!  We got to pet and feed kangaroos and wallabies, walk around with emus, see a dingo, platypus and other native Australian animals.  And last but not least we saw a bunch of koalas and I even got to hold one!  We hoped to get a family picture with the cuddly guy but Hannah wasn’t having it so it was just me and my new friend.


Brisbane from the river


Having fun on the boat








Koala cuddles

We had a great time at the sanctuary before boarding the boat for the trip back to the city.  Once we arrived back at the dock, I noticed a bunch of people and decorations not too far from us.  So we wandered that direction and stumbled across a festival celebrating Buddha.  It was fun walking around and seeing all the people, listening to music and taking in the beautiful surroundings.





Passed out after a busy day

Passed out after a busy day

Eventually we crossed back over the river heading back to the apartment.  As it was our last night we packed our things and prepped for the next leg of our journey, Auckland!