Anybody Home?

Oh hey!  Anyone still out there reading my tiny corner of the internet?  If not, I wouldn’t blame anyone seeing as it’s been over a YEAR since I’ve blogged.  Yikes!!  I have the usual excuses: work, child, husband, life, lack of motivation, etc.  However, we are coming up on Hannah’s 2nd birthday and I started going back through photos of the last year.  I quickly realized I have TONS of photos but not many documented stories behind them. Sure I remember a lot of the memories just by looking at the pictures, but let’s be honest, that won’t always be the case.  So it’s time to start documenting again and I’m going to do it here.  If you want to follow along – fabulous!  If not, that’s cool too, it’ll serve as my own little journaling space.  :-) It’s getting late at night and I’ve been up since before the sun so I’m not posting anything of substance tonight, but check back in a few days to see what I have come up with.