We’re Baack!

You may recall that just over 3 years ago we returned stateside, sad that the adventure was over so quickly, but grateful for the opportunity.  Well, we are even more grateful now because we are back in the UK…I am at least.  Long story short, I received a very unexpected email in the fall that there was a new position approved.  I first checked with C on his thoughts honestly expecting him to shoot it down.  To my surprise, he said go for it.  After several weeks of conversations and deep thinking, I said yes!  Fast forward 2 long months and I boarded a plane to England.


For various reasons, I am out here before the rest of my little family.  That is a blessing and curse.  First, it allows me to get things situated for everyone such as a car, a house, a bank account, etc.  It is nice to do those things relatively unencumbered by a toddler.  It’s also allowed me flexibility in doing all the tasks I need to start working including trainings, meetings, visiting random offices asking for things.  However, it also means I am alone in a different, albeit familiar, country around the holidays.  There are some people here from my first “visit” that I know, and they have been super helpful, but it isn’t the same as close friends and family.   I’ve also met some great new people who have provided tons of guidance and advice for which I am eternally grateful.

So, here I am, in my temporary lodging counting down the days until my people are here with me.  I hope to post semi-regularly depending on availability of topics and time.  Come follow our adventure (again)!