Horned Frogs in London

As the end of May rolled around, we were busy preparing for a long trip away starting with an overnight in London to meet up with some of our TCU friends.  They were overseas visiting family and planned a few days in London.  We were able to plan our travels to meet up and spend a day together.  After checking in early at our serviced apartment in Kensington we hopped the tube to Notting Hill.  We had planned to meet up at Granger and Co for brunch but happened to run into each other on the street en route.  It was a bank holiday Monday so there was already a crowd outside the restaurant and a wait for a table.  Instead of standing around with two kiddos, the moms and tots headed off for a walk while the guys stuck around waiting.  We found a park where Hannah managed to get dirty in the short 10 minutes we were there.  Brunch was a bit hectic but so so tasty!  If you ever make it there, try the banana ricotta pancakes.



After brunch the ladies left the husbands and kids to start our afternoon tea bus tour adventure with B’s Bakery.  A coworker had told me about the tea bus and I thought it was a great idea.  They did not allow children under the age of 5 so it was the perfect getaway for these mamas!  We sat on the upper deck of a renovated bus devouring sweet and savory treats in addition to the tea or coffee of our choice.  We also packed a bottle of bubbly to enjoy en route.  The staff was great, the food was good and it was a fun way to see the sights.  As we ate brunch shortly before the bus tour we had several bits of food left over.  The staff was kind enough to provide us a box to take the rest away.  Sadly, I dropped said box on the ground spilling the entire contents outside the grimy bus terminal.




We left to relieve the men of the children so they could have some down time.  As they headed off for drinks and dinner we entertained the kids at our friends AirBnb.  Everyone was getting a little restless so we took a walk around Notting Hill.  On our way back to find the kids some dinner we happened across two rather familiar looking men sitting in a restaurant.  Sure enough, we had managed to find our husbands purely on accident.  We popped in to say hi and ended up sitting down together for dinner.

Notting hill

Notting Hill homes

Secret Garden


Hi fives


Sadly, all too soon night time came and the toddlers were threatening to turn into pumpkins.  So we took a group photo then went our separate ways with “see you laters” rather than “goodbyes.”  It was a busy full fun day with great friends.  We only wish we’d had more time.

Horned frog friends


Lodging: Harrington Collection Kensington

Food: Granger and Co., Electric Diner

Activities: B’s Bakery Bus Tour

Transport: Train, tube and lots of walking