Reliving the Sound of Music in Salzburg

After our 3 days in Vienna, we boarded a train to Salzburg.  Well, first we had to make it to the correct train station.  The train tickets listed Wien Hbf as the departing station.  When I looked it up on Google Maps there were a couple different stations.  I assumed it was the same station we’d arrived at from the airport.  You know what they say about assumptions… Thankfully we arrived very early and were able to catch a different train to the correct train station and still have time to grab a snack before boarding.  We had paid extra for First Class seats on the OBB train.  It was a relatively spacious setup and not packed full of people.  While we were hoping for a nap en route, Hannah had other plans.  She managed to stay awake for all 2.5 hours watching shows and playing games on the iPad, eating snacks upon snacks and wandering the train car.

Hopping a train

We mostly stay in AirBnbs when traveling with Hannah but those remaining in Salzburg by the time we booked were either out of our price range or lacking reviews.  I was lucky to find a vacation apartment on a different site with great reviews.  And we could not have asked for a better place.  It was just off the historic square with views of the castle out the back window and the cathedral out the front window.

Backyard views

View from the front

By pure happenstance, the weekend we were visiting there was a neighborhood street party right down the road.  There were food vendors grilling outside, ice cream vendors, bars, live bands and dancing.  The street felt alive.  We enjoyed simply wandering around taking in the sights, sounds and smells of it all.

Meat grilling

The next day was our only full day in Salzburg and my favorite activity of our entire trip.  I had convinced C that it would be a good idea to take a bike tour showing the filming locations from the Sound of Music.  It was a fantastic idea, if I do say so myself.  I hadn’t ridden a bike in two years so I wasn’t terribly confident but figured it wouldn’t be too hard.  C was volun-told to ride the bike with an attached trailer for Hannah.  We joined a group of approximately 10 other tourists and took off through the town then out to the countryside being told stories of filming and listening to songs from the movie.  It was a gorgeous day for a ride and we had an amazing time.  Hannah loved her little trailer where she could have snacks, play games or just watch the world go by.  She would get out at each stop and happily climb back in to continue on the way.  We ended up biking close to 8 miles over the course of the tour.  I cannot recommend this tour enough.  If you ever find yourself in Salzburg, please book!  It is super family/couple/solo traveler friendly.

Pre-tour smiles

The castle from the river

My bike

Tour group

Overlooking the city



riverside homes

That night we had dinner at a local bar/restaurant a few yards from our apartment.  It was a bit intimidating as it was crowded and the menus was entirely in German.  But Google translate came to the rescue and we ended getting some delicious food and drink.  Unfortunately our toddler decided to be a toddler and refused to sit still so we took turns chasing after her and eating our food.

Sadly, our time in Salzburg was over far too quickly.  Although we were only there for 2 nights, I fell in love with the city.  It was family friendly, extremely walkable and beautiful.  One thing to note – we found most traders did not accept credit cards, even the bigger cafes and shops so be sure to stock up on cash each day.


Lodging: Salzburg Place to Stay

Food: Street food, Pauli Stubm

Sites/Activities: Fraulein Maria’s Bicycle Tour, Salzburg castle, Old town square, street party

Transport: OBB, taxi, bike and lots of walking