A Couple Days in Munich

After Salzburg we boarded a train to the final destination of this trip, Munich.  C and I had been on our first trip to Europe which coincided with Oktoberfest.  This trip was bound to be very different.  We had a bit of snafu getting into our Airbnb which resulted in us standing outside the apartment building for over an hour attempting to get the correct lockbox code.  After multiple phone calls and texts to our host (and a conversation in German…well us in English, with a nice but confused older woman on the street) we settled in.  We arrived on a Sunday and quickly learned that most shops are closed on Sundays in Germany, food markets included.  Eventually we made our way back to the train station to buy food stuffs to stock the kitchen.


IMG_5163 IMG_0876

We only had 2 day in Munich so wanted to make the most of our time there.  After getting groceries we headed through the main tourist drag along the Marienplatz.  Hannah was wiped out from the day and slept through the ringing of the Glockenspiel.  We wandered a bit more until she woke up then made our way back to the apartment as it was getting near dinner time.  It was not much of a exploring day, but after a week on the road we were okay with low key.


The next day was our only full day in Munich.  We tossed around various ideas of things to do but ultimately settled on heading back to the Marienplatz for Hannah to experience the Glockenspiel and do some shopping at the Viktualienmarkt.  Sadly, Monday was a national holiday, so it was closed.  I had been so excited to wander through this particular market so was rather disappointed in our luck or poor planning.  Nonetheless we were determined to make the most of the day and headed off for the English Gardens.  After a bit of searching we found a playground near the Pagoda.  Hannah enjoyed playing on the various playscapes and getting rocks in every crevice.  We eventually pried her away from the playground with promise of lunch and perhaps another playground.  We walked deeper into the gardens to the Kleinhesselehor See (a lake) with a biergarden.  We snagged some traditional german food for lunch and enjoyed it sitting on the picnic tables near the lake edge.  And to our surprise there was another small playground.  Hannah was befriended by an older boy who picked up on her speaking English and happily explained his mother was American so he knew English and German.  It was pretty cute to watch him play with her.  Since she’d done such a great job eating her healthy lunch of a pretzel, we decided to reward her with ice cream.  It is vacation after all.  On the walk back through the gardens we stopped off and made friends with some geese and ducks.  Thankfully all toddler fingers and toes were accounted for after.

Munich market

Englischer gardens

Englischer gardens

englischer gardens

Englischer gardens

Englischer gardens

Englischer gardens


We did not do much sightseeing or activities in our short time in Munich.  After 3 previous cities in one week, we were a bit tired.  It was nice to just relax, spend some time walking through the city and allowing for lots of playtime.


Lodging: Airbnb

Food: Seehaus biergarten, Zum Augustiner, pretzels

Sites/Activities: English gardens, Glockenspiel, Marienplatz, Viktualienmarkt

Transport: DB train, Munich public transport – tram, U-bahn, bus, walking